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In this fast-moving world, we need programs and apps to complete our work in lesser time and efficiency. One of the most boring jobs in the world of content writing is "Proofreading". Almost everybody hates it!

Are you confident that what you write is completely accurate with no grammatical mistake? Do you want a tool to correct your grammatical and unintentional typos in the content? Are you also looking for a tool that would aid you in proofreading? 

Well, "Grammarly" would answer all these questions.

Grammarly would be one of the best tools for checking and proofreading articles, blog posts and book chapters and what not. This tool is pretty helpful to check grammar and typos online for bloggers, content writers, and non-native English writers.

Before opting for Grammarly Premium, I had used the free version for around two months. This post will walk you through all the features of Grammarly along with Pros and Cons. Also, I'll let you know how much does Grammarly cost and is it really worth it or not.

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Subscription PlansMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Monthly Plan$29.95 (20% Off)$359.4
Quarterly Plan$19.98 (40% Off)$239.75
Annual Plan$11.66 (70% Off)$139.95

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How Does Grammarly Works?

As soon as you opt for a free Grammarly account, walk through the tutorial that was recently updated. It would be pretty helpful for the new users. The tour walks you through how to get the feedback on your writing, ensure error-free sentences and phrases and adjust the feedback according to your preferred writing style.

Open up a new document and set your writing goals. These goals can be set based on the following preferences:

  • 1
    Intent: To inform, tell a news/story or describe something.
  • 2
    Audience: General or expert readers.
  • 3
    Style of writing: Formal writing or informal writing.
  • 4
    Emotion: Strong or mild.
  • 5
    Domain: Business, academic or technical.

Once you are all set, just copy paste your writings for grammar check, proofreading and catching typos caused by lack of time. This is the one way that the majority of the users prefer. Another one is that you can directly use Grammarly for writing. Later, you can copy paste the content wherever it was supposed to be originally written.

Within a couple of moments, Grammarly displays your mistakes and you can choose to either correct them or ignore them. Grammarly Premium also lets you know expanded details as compared to the free version, i.e. why and where exactly you did a mistake. In this way, you won't create silly mistakes from next time.

Thus, Grammarly premium not only provides you with mistakes and reasons but also teaches you not to repeat such mistakes. This could practically aid you if you are a writer or a non-native English speaker. Still, I would recommend you to, first of all, decide and then correct a mistake. At times, it would make you change the spellings for certain names, places, emoticons etc.

Grammarly also works by offering you the insights of your wiring based on:

  • 1
    Length of the character or the sentence
  • 2
    The percentage of Plagiarised content.
  • 3
    The readability and vocabulary score.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Apart from being a Grammar checking and proofreading tool, it offers you a "Plagiarism Detector" as well. This could be pretty useful if you are dealing with some academic documents or reviewing your writer's work.

Though I turned on this feature, none of the writings had any troubles. I think I'm not that plagiarized, lol!

Well, I had seen a lot of users opt for Grammarly tool just to check plagiarism. This feature might be appealing for the guys concerned about being cited too heavily from the sources.

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Is It Easy To Access Grammarly?

If you are able to post a picture on Facebook with ease then using Grammarly is not rocket science. Apart from being available as a website, they offer you with apps for Android, Windows, and Mac. It just takes a couple of moments to download, install and start using the app. Easy, isn't it?

Well, here is my workflow:

  • 1
    Write an article or blog post in Google Docs or MS Word.
  • 2
    Copy and paste that writing in the Grammarly premium app on Windows PC.
  • 3
    Manually edit the whole draft based on the feedback and suggestions from Grammarly.
  • 4
    Send the writing to an editor, only if it is a longer piece of work.
  • 5
    Publish and boom!

It takes only around a minute or two to check a complete draft of 1000 words. Thus, it aids in reducing a few of my technical troublesome.

Where To Use Grammarly?

I walk you through my workflow to review the Grammarly at some point of this post. But don't worry about that a lot. Instead, focus on your own way of writing and representing it in front of your audience.

I have already mentioned that Grammarly can be used everywhere, online, smartphones and desktop. You can use Grammarly in a wide variety of ways such as:

  • 1
    Use Grammarly with MS office apps like Word, Excel, etc.
  • 2
    A chrome based web app that works in a similar way to that of Google Docs.
  • 3
    A plugin for browsers like Chrome (best option for the new users)
  • 4
    A Grammarly app can be used on Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices.

The Grammarly team has updated these versions with more stability and easier accessibility. They have improved the user experience by adding features such as displaying insights for writings and an option to set writing goals.

If you ask me, I prefer using the Chrome extension and the Chrome web-based Grammarly app majority of the times. These two are the most convenient ways of using this tool.

Though you can opt for Grammarly for free, they offer you Premium versions too for more amazing features and options.

You can try Grammarly premium by three different pricing plans. Here are the major cost pricing plans of Grammarly for their premium subscription:

  • The monthly premium subscription of Grammarly costs you $29.95 per month.
  • The quarterly subscription of Grammarly premium costs you $19.98 per month. Thus the effective cost becomes $59.95.
  • Annual Subscription of Grammarly premium costs you $11.66 per month. Thus the effective cost becomes $139.95. (Almost 70% Discount compared to the monthly subscription plan.)

Now that you know about the Grammarly pricing plans, have a look at the comparison between Grammarly Free and Grammarly Premium version based on effective Grammarly cost.

Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

Majority of the features of Grammarly Premium are available for Grammarly Free. The things missing in the free version include the advanced grammar checking tool, the plagiarism detecting tool and the vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

Thus, we can say that the free version of Grammarly would be suitable for beginners, no matter if they are book writers or bloggers.

The question now is what exactly do you get with the premium version? 

Well, the premium variant will offer you the detailed info regarding all the mistakes you had made. Also, it provides you with additional writing insights and the ability to set writing goals. As compared to the free version, it will find and fix more mistakes.

You can opt for the premium version with monthly, quarterly or the annual plan subscription. You also get discounts for the first time for each of the offered subscriptions. The plan that I prefer to use is the quarterly plan. It aids me in maintaining the expenses and affordability.

How Does Grammarly Help Writers?

When you check for any mistake in Grammarly, you see a red underline in each of the mistakes. By clicking on that, you will find a small box providing you some info regarding this mistake. Read that carefully. It will help you further in improving your writing style. Also, it identifies the possible corrections for the mistake.

In my case, Grammarly helped me in identifying:

  • 1
    Spelling Errors.
  • 2
    Confused Prepositions.
  • 3
    Lengthy Sentences To Edit Down.
  • 4
    Wordy Sentences.
  • 5
    Repetitive words.
  • 6
    Common writing and grammatical mistakes like typos or misplaced apostrophes.
  • 7
    Overuse of the passive voice and a lot more.

After using this grammar and typos checker tool, I have realized a lot of mistakes that were pretty silly. I had had a habit of ending a lot of sentences with prepositions and what not. This tool has helped me a lot in improving my grammar :')

Though the pre-installed grammar and spell checker in MS Word, etc. are pretty helpful, they are not as effective as Grammarly. Instead, this tool is much more effective and useful for beginners and professional as well.

Grammarly vs. Human Proofreader

Now you may have wondered that if Grammarly is that much effective, would it replace the human proofreader? After using and analyzing for Grammarly for a year now, my answer is "NO". This tool can never provide the feedback that a human proofreader can.

I have noticed that at times, it overlooked some mistakes. Maybe because the program is not able to stand my fiction or what, I don't know exactly :p

Whether you use or don't use Grammarly, always do a manual proofreading. Remember my words and this will help you grow a lot in near future. Yet, you can always rely on Grammarly's algorithm for small pieces of writings. 

Is Grammarly Effective For Proofreading English?

You probably would have noticed that there's a subtle difference between British English and American English. A few gray hairs choose to write "realize" instead of "realise" and "center" instead of "centre".

That's the thing where Grammarly has helped me. It has the ability to distinguish between the style of writing for British and American English. I use this feature frequently.

No matter if English is your native language or not, Grammarly is an astonishing tool for correcting your grammatical and spelling mistakes. It teaches you some of the finer points of Grammar. Do keep in mind that Grammarly is just an aid for learning the English language and not an English teacher. So always manually proofread your writings :')

Who is Grammarly Good For?

Grammarly is basically an amazing tool for bloggers, content writers and each and everyone who wants to draft an email or a social media post. Even if you don't write much in English, it would aid you a lot.

It helps you in determining the grammatical, spelling, punctuation marks or any other mistake in just a couple of moments. It lets you self-edit your work by offering the insights of word-length, readability score and what not.

The Grammarly Premium would be pretty helpful for those who have a lot of work to check from. With that being said, keep in mind that you are not violating any regulations while using this tool.

For the majority of the writers, it is like a defense guard. This helps in making the writing much better and accurate to read for the audience.

Should You Opt For Grammarly Premium?

Well, now that you have read the whole detailed review of Grammarly, the answer should be "Yes".

But in case, you are a writer with a tight budget, first of all, install the Google Chrome plugin of Grammarly from here. Try the tool for a few months and then decide whether to opt for the Premium version or not. I did the same thing and bought Grammarly premium just after two months of usage :')

Even though I have purchased the Premium version I still rely on the free version Chrome plugin for proofreading my emails and social media posts.

Final Words For Grammarly Cost

No Doubts! Grammarly is a great tool for beginners and professionals as well. No matter if it is an email draft or a blog post, it will be always there to help you. Also, the prices are low for the Grammarly cost.

Well, now that you have known everything regarding this amazing grammar and spell checker tool, what are your thoughts on this? Feel free to drop your suggestions, feedback, and queries in the comment box below. We will try to respond you as soon as possible. For more such content, keep visiting us. :")

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