Grammarly Premium Free Trial:

Grammarly is one of the best online grammar checking tools out there on the internet. It was launched in the year of 2009, and since then to now it has millions of users around the globe.

Editors, writers, bloggers now use Grammarly, and so many other people from different professions use this online tool to check their writings.

However, the catch is that most of the advanced features are only available for the Premium users. Hence, as a result, there are lots of people who look for a Grammarly premium free trial before they actually make a purchase.

So in case if you happen to be one of such person who is looking ahead to get a Grammarly premium free trial, then you better stick with this page. However, before that, let’s just talk about What is Grammarly and some of its top features.

In simple words, Grammarly is a cloud-based English language writing enhancement tool available online.

Grammarly basically checks for writing errors as you type your texts on Grammarly editor. Alternatively, you can upload a document. Grammarly looks common and advanced writing errors. Such as it looks for subject-verb agreement, article use, modifier placement, contextual spelling mistakes, phonetic spelling mistakes, irregular verb conjugations and so on.

As well as to make your article top notch, they do offer synonym suggestions. So if you are repeating a single word, again and again, Grammarly will suggest you a bunch of synonyms so you can make your writing readable and more appealing.

In addition to that, it offers you a plagiarism checker. If you regularly publish your articles online, then we are sure you know the fact how it is important to write unique contents. But, when it comes to checking the article for copied contents most of the tool does not perform well.

However, when it comes to Grammarly, it can easily detect all the copied contents that found in your article. So you can fix them easily. Also, do let us mention the fact that plagiarism checker tool by Grammarly is only available for the premium users.

According to Wikipedia “Grammarly's proofreading and plagiarism-detection resources check against more than 250 grammar rules.”

Furthermore, to make your experience even better with Grammarly it offers a hell lot of tools and applications. Such as you can install a Google Chrome extension which checks grammar as you type on the web. This extension comes in handy, when you are publishing an article on your blog and lets you check for grammars errors directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Alternatively, you can simply integrate the Grammarly add-on to your Microsoft Word application. It will help you to check for writing errors without making you leave MS Word. However the add-on as of now only available for the Windows users.

Also for Windows users, they even provide an application which works exactly like the web version. In addition to that Grammarly has a smartphone app for both of the platforms, i.e., iOS and Android. The app helps you to check for writing errors on your smartphone.

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Why People Love Grammarly Over Other Grammar Checkers?

There is no lie Grammarly is one of the best grammar checking tools. However, on the other hand, there are also a hell lot of options are available in the market. Some of those grammar checking tools cost a way more less compared to Grammarly.

So, the question is...

Why People Love Grammarly Over Other Grammar Checkers?

Well, there are a hell lot of reasons why people love to use Grammarly. Some of the reasons are the easy to use interface.

Grammarly indeed offers an easy to use grammar checking tool. It is not way too complicated, and even a kid can get started with it. Since all you have to do is paste your text or upload a document and it will start suggesting you the fixes within seconds to minutes.

Grammarly does not just offer fixes for writing errors. But at the same time, it does offer an easy explanation of why the fix is needed. So as a writer, you do not just get to know where the mistakes are happening but why the mistakes are happening. Plus it offers you the chance to learn about your mistakes and improve it over the time.

Another great thing that we really like about Grammarly is that they do offer a way too many tools to make your experience with the tool even better. However, the sad part of the story is that a few of the tools are only available for the Windows users.

But if you happen to be a Windows user, then there are quite a lot of tools that you can use. Also using such tools, you will easily be able to save your time quite a lot. Since you do not need to switch between browser and Microsoft Word to check for the writing errors, but you can check it while being on the Microsoft Word Only.

However, if you work online with different SAAS applications, then you can try out the Chrome extension. The extension will let you check writing errors directly from your browser only. Plus it supports all the operating systems, just make sure to install the Chrome browser.

Moreover, when you are using Grammarly, it feels like you have your personal proofreader or editor for yourself. Even it cost a way too less compared to hiring a proofreader. Plus it helps you to enhance your grammar with the assistance of Grammarly.

On the other hand, if we talk about other tools in the market, well won't lie but many of them also come with a great user interface. But when it comes to making the overall experience, Grammarly is the best tool one can try out.

The overall point over here is that Grammarly points out all the mistakes that you make in your writing. Plus it encourages you to avoid those mistakes and helps you not to repeat them in the future. As a result, you will be able to learn more about your mistakes and improve your writing over the time.

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Why Features Does Grammarly Offer?

Grammarly offers a hell lot of exciting features. In case if you are still trying to figure out what are some of the top-notch services that Grammarly is offering. Well then here is a quick look:

#1: Spell Checker

Grammarly comes with the spell checker option. This feature automatically looks for all the spelling errors and marks them with red underlines. Also, it will tell you what the correct spelling is. Furthermore, if you have spelled the words correctly, but used incorrectly. Grammarly will help you to fix that as well.

#2: Grammar Checker

Grammarly's main feature is the Grammar Checker. The grammar checker tool of Grammarly can even beat human editors when it comes to accuracy. Thanks to their algorithm which checks a text on the basis of 250 plus grammar rules.

Also, Grammarly has a high rate of success and makes your grammar checker as perfect as simple.

#3: Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is also one of the great features that Grammarly premium is offering. It is one of such tools that every professional writer use on a daily basis. However, most of the grammar checker tools out there lack this feature.

However, with the Grammarly's Plagiarism Checker, you will easily be able to check if your writings are hundred percent unique or not.

#4: Proofreading Tool

Grammarly's Proofreading tool is one of the best proofreading tools out there. It checks a text on the basis of spelling mistakes, 250+ types of grammar and punctuation errors. Plus it looks for plagiarism errors.

#5: Accuracy

Talking about the accuracy, there is no doubt that Grammarly is the best. It makes sure that you are getting the best result everytime you use the service.

From the small spelling mistakes to grammar structure, Grammarly takes care of everything. Also to make you understand even better, Grammarly even offers an accuracy number. It gives you an idea of how much your article is error free.

#6: Speed

Grammarly comes with high speed even it is the fastest service available out there. You just put some text wait a few seconds, and Grammarly starts suggesting you the fixes.

#7: Ease Of Use

In the end, Grammarly has an easy to use interface. The buttons are located at the right left side of the screen which lets you perform all the tasks. On the other hand, you get the suggestions.

This overall gives you a pleasant experience and helps you to work with the editor very efficiently.

Is Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Good?

There are lots of users out there who believe that Grammarly’s Plagiarism checker is not as great as the dedicated plagiarism checkers out there. However it is not true, Grammarly equally performs well, and you can rely on it.

Grammarly has the capability to detect plagiarism only if the content already exists on the web. It has no access to the content which is published in hard copy format. But if the text is in electronic format, then Grammarly might check it.

To check plagiarism, all Grammarly does is it takes some words from each sentence and search it on Google. If Grammarly finds any relevant texts, then it marks it plagiarized and shares the source link along with it.

However, the tool is not perfect. Grammarly uses a string matching approach which helps the Grammarly’s algorithm to find copied contents. Hence if you make any changes in the string or you can say replace some words in a sentence. Then Grammarly would not be able to catch it.

But if you compare the service with tools in the market, then yes, Grammarly obviously performs far better compared to the others tools.

However, in the end, it ultimately depends on your needs. If you are just a blogger, then Grammarly is a reliable plagiarism checker tool. But if you happen to be a professional writer, then Grammarly’s plagiarism checker might not be the best option available out there for you.

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How Does Grammarly Work?

Since we have mentioned that Grammarly uses more than 250 grammar rules to check writing errors in a text, and as a result, Grammarly is now capable of detecting grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in your writing.

You just have to upload your document or paste your text, and after that Grammarly’s AI will use different patterns to check for the writing errors. As well as catch the minor and major spell mistakes.

Grammarly’s algorithms flag different writing issues these include the minor and major ones. Once it found the errors, it starts suggesting the context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, wordiness, style, punctuation, and even plagiarism.

How to Use Grammarly?

Using Grammarly is not as hard as it seems. However, to give you a better idea, let us talk about all the steps:

#1: How To Use Grammarly Web?

Step 1:  First of all visit the Grammarly website and sign in.

Step 2: After that, you will find a New and Upload button. Select New to paste the text or upload to upload a document.

Step 3: In the end look for the Grammarly's suggestions and proofread your article.

#2: How To Use Grammarly Chrome Extension?

Step 1: First of all install the Grammarly Chrome extension.

Step 2: After that sing into your Grammarly account.

Step 3: Now whenever you type something on the web, it will start suggesting you the fixes for your mistakes.

#3: How To Use Grammarly Microsoft Add-On?

Step 1: At first login to your Grammarly account

Step 2: From the left side of the menu go to apps.

Step 3: Then download Grammarly For Microsoft Windows.

Step 4: Follow all the steps to install the application.

Step 5: In the end, you will find a Grammarly icon on the menu bar. Use it to edit your writings.

#4: How To Use Grammarly Windows Software?

Step 1: Login to your Grammarly account.

Step 2: Go to the apps section.

Step 3: Now download Grammarly For Windows and follow all the screen instructions to install it.

Step 4: In the end launch the software and login.

Step 5: After that upload a document or paste the text to edit it.

How To Create Grammarly Premium Free Trial Account?

Now coming to our main question that says How to get Grammarly Premium Free account. Well, there are a couple of methods are available online. Some of those ways works and some of them do not. As a result, you have to try different methods to find the perfect way to get the Use Grammarly Premium Free account.

Enough Talk?

Let’s Get Started With It:

Method #1: Create Grammarly Premium Free Trial Account

In the above words, we did mention that Grammarly offers a Chrome extension. Even it is one of the easiest ways to get a Grammarly Premium trial. To make you understand in a better way, here are a couple of steps that you have to follow:

Step 1: First of all head over to Grammarly’s official website.

Step 2: On the official website of Grammarly you will find a button that says “Add to chrome it’s free” click on it.

Step 3: After that, you will encounter with a popup signup button. Now follow all the screen instructions and sign up with Grammarly if you have not.

Step 4: Once you are done with the signup process, Grammarly will send a verification email. So login to your email and verify the account.

Step 5:  In the next step simply select the USE FOR FREE button.

Step 6: That is it, now you will get a 7 days free trial.

However, you should note the fact that you need to be lucky enough to get the Grammarly Premium Free Trial. Since Grammarly randomly choose users for the trial program. So when you sign up, you may, or you may not get the trial.

But not to worry, there are lots of other ways also exists. So let’s go and have a look at them.

Method #2: Grammarly Premium Free Trial Account For 7 Days

You can even use Grammarly’s refer-a-friend program to get a Grammarly premium free trial for seven days. Even after the 7 days free trial ends, you can still refer to your friends and win one more week of Grammarly premium trial.

The math is “one signup = one extra week of Grammarly premium free account.

To get started with this you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: First of all you have to visit the Grammarly website.

Step 2: Over here you have to enter your email and create a new account.

Step 3: After that verify your email to create an account.

Step 4: After that, you have to install the Grammarly Extension.

Step 5: That is it, now you will be able to use Grammarly premium for a week free of cost. After that start promoting the tool to your friends and family and earn free weeks.

Method #3: Grammarly Premium Free Trial Account For 30 Days

In case if you are a blogger, then there is on a smart thing that you can do to get a Grammarly Premium Free Trial account. As a blogger, most of us often post sponsored contents on our blog, and these sponsored comes from different agencies who approach us.

So this is the same thing that you have to do to get a Grammarly free trial account.

Write a great pitch and mail Grammarly and see what they reply. Anyway, to give you a better understanding let us mention the whole steps to you.

Step 1: First of all click on this special link to create a grammarly free account using new email ID.

Step 2: Now, write a great pitch. In the pitch mention that you are interested in doing a sponsored post on Grammarly. However, for this, you would need access to Grammarly’s premium plan.

However, while writing the pitch also do include the traffic stats and how much page views you get. Also how you will promote their product.

Step 3: Send the email to Grammarly’s Media Requests email address which is the

Step 4: After that, if they are interested they will reply to your email. Then close the deal by asking for a Grammarly trial account.

Step 5: In the end write a great post about Grammarly and post it on your blog. Also, do not forget the send the blog post link to Grammarly back so you can build a healthy relationship with them.

So that was all the methods that you can try to get Grammarly premium account free of cost.

In the end, all we would like to mention is that whether you get a Grammarly Free Trial or not. You definitely need to get yourself a Grammarly premium too. It will not disappoint you at all, instead of over the times it will help you in improving your grammar.

Even Grammarly has an effective price. They have total 3 plans. These plans are the Free, Premium and Business. Talking about the Premium plan, well it costs $11.66 each month when you bill for a year. Or if you want to get the plan for a month, then you have to pay $29.95 a month.

The Grammarly business plans cost $10.00 each month you have to get the plan for minimum 3 members. Also for business Grammarly account, you have to bill for annually. Grammarly charges $10 for each business account users.

Furthermore, all the Grammarly plans include 7-day money back guarantee. So in case if you do not get satisfied with the services, you can ask them for a refund by raising a ticket. And they will refund your money. Although, before making any decisions do consider reading out the terms and conditions page. In the end, it's your call to check out the Grammarly and see how it is working for you. Even you can try out the basic features free of cost and check it’s usefulness. Anyway, if you have any more questions in your head, do feel free to leave a comment below.

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