Grammarly Premium:

Lack of knowledge always belittles you!

Wherever you roam, walk or gossip, there is an exchange of expression happens - that it what language.

So, I am giving you practical scenarios:

If you are an expert speaker, you need your scripts to be prepared before you walk a stage. So, your text is first ever thing that connects with your audience. To achieve it, your writing needs to be packed with such exciting words that convey your message correctly.

And, these all things require a strong proofreading.

And, when you are preparing your yearly class essays assigned as a part of your academic structure, how would you like to prove the best out of you? If your grammar power is strong enough then only you will be able to side the “Grammar Police” - teacher. Right?

A lot of similar scenarios you must have faced in your life, down the lane where you were trolled for your poor performance in English and not-so-good level of writing structure in English, etc.

But wait… what if I say, I have a decent solution for your problem?

Ahh.. that is Grammarly Premium.

It doesn't matter how acquainted you are with English grammar, but when it comes to your level of understanding Grammarly can adjust with all kinds of brains: let it be a master or a total beginner.

Isn’t this true? 

I am not throwing my words out-of-the air. I am pitching my own experience with Grammarly.

And, how Grammarly saved my precious time.

For these all, I am now a happy user of Grammarly Premium. There is nothing you will find worrying; there is nothing that isn't beneficial. Even it plays with you at a superficial level.

This honest review from my office desk - as a Grammarly fan and a veteran writer.

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Grammarly is a freemium tool. But as the premium version is more versatile and comes with essential grammar rules than the free one, I am sharing the details about the premium plan of Grammarly here.

Probably you are thinking about it:

  • Why should I pay for Grammarly?
  • Is Grammarly that much good for the price I’ll pay?
  • Is there any cheaper tool available similar to Grammarly?, ...and many.

I know it is normal to get some questions, alike. It means you have a working memory. :p

Not to worry, I am going to show you how helpful is Grammarly Premium for you. I've shared a lot about Grammarly in my other posts.

Furthermore, if you have a weak English, the Grammarly is nothing but a helping hand for you.

So, continue reading to explore some coolest features and their usage in your day-to-day life. Also, I will show the advantages of Grammarly over other Grammar checker tools.

Grammarly Premium Info.

ProductGrammarly Premium
Active Users10 Million+
Available ForAndroid, Windows, & iOS
Main TaskChecking Grammar Mistakes.
Best FeaturePlagiarism Checker

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The Cost Of Grammarly Premium

Here, I will share the details of available Grammarly Premium subscriptions plans.

You will be amazed to know that Grammarly has three different types of billing structure. Among them, you can choose the best suitable for you.

  • The Monthly Plan is 29.95 USD per month. (It recurs per month basis).
  • The Quarterly Plan is 19.98 USD per month. (Billed as one payment of USD 59.95).
  • The Annual Plan is 11.66 USD per month. (Billed as the single invoice of 139.95 USD).
Grammarly Premium Discount offer!

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On the other hand, Grammarly has various options for you to pay the bill. You can choose PayPal, Debit/ Credit Card to add your payment preference.

All the plans except the monthly subscription are billed as a single bill. So, be sure to realize this point before you go for any premium subscriptions.

In my opinion, you should opt for the Annual plan. Thus, you can save some money on your bills.

If you are unable to afford the yearly subscription, then you should go for the Quarterly subscription.

For More Information You Can Read This Post: Grammarly Cost.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?

Grammarly is a free writing tool with a premium subscription option. 

Our question — is Grammarly worth it?

Grammarly free is good for spelling and grammar mistakes but trust me — Grammarly premium worth every penny. It will improve your writing style, check content for plagiarism + free features also included.

For me, Paying for Grammarly premium is worth it but only — if you have a lot of writing work.

The free version of Grammarly identify — spelling and grammar errors but if you want an advanced version — try Grammarly premium that cost you $11.66/month.

Is It Worth Paying For Grammarly Premium?

If you have read my other Grammarly posts, you already know Grammarly has a free plan as well. I agree with you that the free account is good, but it is a limited version when compared to the advancement of features in the premium plan.

Not only Grammarly premium is robust in its features, but also it presents what it claims. It has advanced grammar correction rules, punctuation fixation, and contextual format arrangement, etc.

If you do not have time for extra English grammar coaching, then using Grammarly side-by-side will help you become a grammar nazi without a mentor. It will quickly lift up your overall English grammar knowledge.

Grammarly is not like the typical MS Word correction tool; it is way more than that. It is true that it is a grammar checker, but along with that Grammarly explains you about the type of error at the same. This feature not only helps you memorize your regular mistakes but also polishes your writing.

When you are addicted to grammar, you will cross the limits to give it a perfect shape. Don’t you?

Grammar makes your writing sexy and attractive, like your crush. Don’t get me wrong!

If you understand the ethics of English grammar and grasp it accurately, then there is no need to worry about writing. Grammarly is the best tool that can make you do this.

If you look into the benefits of Grammarly, the price is nothing to consider. I am saying this because I know how much it costs me to hire a professional human proofreader every time.

So, if you are a professional, you can recover your investments easily. Or, else it is going to help you in long-run.


  • If you are a veteran writer, you’ll get quality time to spend on reading.
  • If you are a copywriter, you’ll get better conversion rates than before.
  • If you are a part of any company, you will build more professionalism.
  • Info Circle
    If you are an academic person, you will get better promotions than others.
  • Info Circle
    One more good thing is when you draft a document in any other applications like MS Word, and care for your page formatting, Grammarly assures not to alter any such styling when you upload your document for editing.
  • Info Circle
    No this much only, you can write a various type of text using Grammarly Editor efficiently.
  • Info Circle
    If you learn to practice with Grammarly, it can be a total Grammar Polisher of your text.

Coming to the point, even after reading the robust features that Grammarly premium offers, if you are not convinced enough, then I have something more for you.

You can mark it that Grammarly has a seven-day trial offer with money back guarantee. So, if you find Grammarly ineffective, then Grammarly support will assist you to get a refund within the period as said.

Grammarly Premium vs. Free

As you Grammarly has got two types of services, i.e., FREE account and Grammarly Premium account, here I am comparing how Grammarly Premium is more lucrative than the free plan.

Thought it all depends on you and your budget whether you select the FREE version or premium version, you won't be satisfied much with the features of the free version.

Also, the Free plan is limited. You will be missing out the premium features like the offline standalone installer for PC, and plagiarism tool, etc. that has significant importance in writing. Moreover, with a free version, you can only see the critical and advanced error alerts but can't find their reasons.

Without any doubt, the free Grammarly account also offers good proofreading and grammar correction for you. But, if you consider going for the premium plan, Grammarly provides more than what you wanted - human proofreading, plagiarism, and many more sophisticated tools.

If you compare the free plan with the premium, you will realize that the premium plan adheres to more than 250 advanced grammar rules to check the mistakes. In addition to this, it has a personal dictionary, sophisticated vocabulary database, and a mighty thesaurus.

Meanwhile, in the premium plan lets you know your genre-specific writing format so to ensure your writing meets your audience.

Further, you can analyze your content for possible plagiarism to cite the original resources. Grammarly plagiarism checker which is only available to the premium users scans over billions of web pages to verify the originality of your text.

You can enjoy distraction-free writing, plagiarism checker, vocabulary enhancement tool, contextual styling, misspelled words and an option for professional proofreader which incurs some extra penny.

To summarize the premium version, I will say it's an all-in-one writer's pack.

This is why I always prioritize Grammarly Premium Subscription over the free plan.

If you are a blogger, student or a freelance writer, I would highly recommend you to upgrade from free to Grammarly Premium Subscription.

It will help you scale your English IQ and its application in writing overall.

What Does Grammarly Premium Claims?

Grammarly claims that its entire platform is powered by machine learning and an intelligent AI system. AI backed tools can recognize the theme of your sentence and thus can show you the suitable words, phrases, and punctuations automatically.

Grammarly's site claims that is the only best Grammar Checker Tool available with such elegant features in the entire market. That's a great thing.

Grammarly claims that no other proofreading tools have such powerful accuracy that currently Grammarly's proofreading performs smoothly.

Even it claims that their AI is well trained and it can detect small or left out grammar slip-ups, wordiness in sentences and paragraphs, misspelled words, sentence structure, word thesaurus according to the context, improper punctuation, overuse of the passive voice.

It claims to have the vocabulary enhancement tool that helps you ebb out your typical errors which you are accustomed to and thus converted into a habit.

The presence of its intelligent plagiarism checker is bliss for authors.

Not only it helps you find if your content is copied somewhere but also enables you to see the original authors quickly when you try to a scientific fact or some quotation by any famous person.

It is beneficial for you and ensures that your content does not attract any copyright violations.

Plagiarism is a crucial thing especially if you are a Blogger or an SEO webmaster because search engines like Google penalize a content that contains 30% plagiarised text.

As per Wikipedia page of Grammarly, it is a nifty, cloud-based English writing-enhancement Product that checks for more than 250 grammar rules find vocabulary problems and suggests their solutions.

In short, I will term Grammarly as ubiquitous. This is because Grammarly has its applications released for every accessible operating system.

So, you can use Grammarly while you chat, draft emails, and compile blog posts - anywhere. Grammarly can installed as a browser plug-in/extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

You can use the browser plug-in you can find and correct your English grammar errors on any website. With the help of the extension, you can error-free write your facebook posts, tweets or any social media updates.

Additionally, you can make use of Grammarly apps which support for both iOS and Android platform.

The same way, its mobile app comes handy for you when update WhatsApp status, make conversations with your corporate colleagues and compose error-free business emails on-the-go from your Smartphone.

Grammarly even has developed a Microsoft Word Add-in which helps stay tuned to MS Office UI without worrying about anything.

When Microsoft Office enables you to correct your misspelled words only, the Grammarly add-in instructs you on why the error occurred.

It helps you stay memorized about the issue.

On the other hand, if you have any write-ups drafted on any particular style, rest assured; your styling format is not going to drop. For this, you can Upload your desired file to the Grammarly editor to proofread the text accurately.

Later on, you can download the file without compromising its pre-upload formattings.

Whoa! Another shocking feature. If you do not have an active internet connection with you and want to use Grammarly, then here you go: to use it while you're offline, you need to download its native PC app.

To download it, go to the "Apps" section in your Grammarly Editor and find the programme suitable for your platform - Windows/Mac.

If you are a frequent internet user with multiple tabs open in your browsers, it’s okay; still you can use Grammarly without exiting your tabs. Yikes! It is a win-win for you.

Grammarly is trusted and used by leading companies like Forbes, Business Insider, fast company to craft their Ad copies, social media posts and corporate documents delightful, error-free and impressive.

The best thing is Grammarly Premium costs only 11.66$ a month if you choose the annual plan.

You can call Grammarly the other way - A “jack of all trades” in every aspect of English. Mostly, it is helpful self-publishing writers, copy-editors, journalists, industry persons as well as educational candidates.

In the next section, I’ll explain how you can use each of its versatile features to refine your writing and making it impressive for your prospective audience.

Grammarly Premium Features

Critical Grammar and Typos:

Most of the Grammarly users will realize after using it for a long that how Grammarly handles every essential grammar and spell-checks.

It is one of the prominent features of Grammarly.

When writing with our minds out, it is common to have some natural typos like "were" becomes "where" and a lot which is frequent when you type quickly.

So, having Grammarly with you, you can imagine its altitude of spotting your mistakes. You can now sit leisurely, and Grammarly will tell you where you left a typo uncorrected. Thus, you can find ignored errors without reckless eye-scanning.

Punctuation monitoring, context correction, and sentence structure formatting:

If you are confused on the usage of appropriate punctuations at places, then you should not.

That's the reason Grammarly takes care of it entirely. It rapidly presents you the areas where the punctuation is either misplaced or need to be replaced with another.

If you are a fiction writer, you must know how essential punctuations are to create expressions, emotions and all of your readers.

That means proper punctuations give you're writing a rhythm for your readers and it becomes easy to represent your message to your audience.

On the other hand, the sentence structure matters a lot, and it differs from one context to another. Like, formal writing uses most of the sentences passively while in informal literature, you will find all sort of things mixed, according to the genre.

This way Grammarly makes you a punctuation hero and a context king!

Enhancing Vocabulary with Rich Suggestions:

Weak Adjectives:

This type of attributes has no finite meaning, and it can create confusion in your prospective readers' mind. If you analyze your text, you will find some of it quickly. Eliminating weak adjectives and replacing them with some impressive words will bring clarity to your message leading towards reader satisfaction.

Grammarly does the same for you. Yes, Grammarly helps you find and remove the weak adjectives by giving you a bouquet of replaceable suggestions.

Word Definitions and Suggestions:

I know, our brain has some memory limits and we can't get just by heart all the words in a Dictionary so to use them in our texts. Right?

It is a significant problem for all of us to pick the actual word that fits the context of the writing.

And, thesaurus comes handy when we use it wisely.

Grammarly performs all these word checks and suggests you the best kind synonyms according to the genre of your texts.

You need to double-click on any of your words… and boom! You will be presented a vast number of related verbs, adverbs, adjectives on the right-side of your dashboard.

These all appear from the treasury of Grammarly's thesaurus database.

Repetitive or Overuse of Words:

Most of the time, when we chat, talk and explain something, we tend to use a particular set of words. Everyone does this because we listen to those words every day, around us.

It has turned as a habit in us to repeat the words which we love or don't have replacements for them, in our memory lane.

But when it comes to writing, persuasion and impact on readers' mind depend on your word-choice. So, when someone reads your 30 thousand words e-book which has same words overused throughout the book; how will they feel?

It will be pretty much annoying to meet those repetitive words in each sentence.

To make your writing sharp and bold, Grammarly alerts your overuse of words and catches repetition in places. It suggests you the best possible alternative for those words.

Apart from that, Grammarly can identify the old age English verbs and all that is no more used in modern English. Thus, your writing reaches the targeted audience correctly.

The Context of Documents:

Majorly, when we are in a particular profession like executive and administration, we use some specific drafting styles. Mostly formal writing states that we use complicated words and long-winded speeches.

Similarly, while preparing reports in medical terms, there are terms which general audience could not understand correctly.

These are the industry-standards or benchmarks which is maintained strictly.

On the other hand, copywriting, business pitching and academic research paper composing requires a different style of writing. The same goes for scientific, fiction and nonfiction ...everything.

So, you can avoid mixing up one style with another by choosing the proper document type from the Grammarly editor.

Plagiarism Detector:

Plagiarism is like a heebie-jeebies for digital self-publish writers. It is because they have a little workforce and searching for copied content in the ocean of Internet is nothing but a fairytale.

The digital world has the advanced type of plagiarism tools that smartly make someone's content unique by spinning some words, phrases, and sentences. Hence it becomes hard for an author to catch the sources who copy him without attribution.

To help you carry out your genuineness, Grammarly Plagiarism works smartly. It scans for your phrases, sentences, etc. for a possible piracy, in more than 16 billion pages in a click.

Another scene, where you are quoting a proven research statement or a line from another speaker but forgot to cite him properly; what may happen?

... there may be of copyright violation and to avoid it Grammarly craws billions of pages find the original resource or the writer of that content.

Your Personalized Dictionary:

Most of the words we use in this digital generation are self-made or modified forms of native English words - called internet slangs. Such words are not listed in our standard dictionaries. Also, some product names have become so popular that we use them as verb forms these days.

Think, what if you can save your own words to your writing editor; which an ordinary dictionary does not offer?

One of the most significant use of this feature is you can write without being distracted towards the red underlines. Software like MS Word can't correctly recognize internet slangs, and thus they treat those as spelling errors. It interrupts your writing.

So, Grammarly has an option to add your own words in its personalized dictionary so that it does not treat your informal words and all as grammatical mistakes. The dictionary is only for you; no other person can access it without accessing your account.

Reasons for Your Errors:

You might have noticed that Microsoft Office offers spelling correction feature but not the idea of the mistake. Right?

But with Grammarly, you will be able of identifying your errors along with their precise cause. It helps you learn plentiful of grammar rules which you probably skipped in your schoolings.

How it works is: Grammarly scans your texts as you type them. Rapidly it underlines the identified grammar mistakes, and on the right-hand side of the editor, you can see their explanations. Get performance stats via email.

Some say," When you track your records, you can identify the lacks within you." This statement is right, and you can fix those lacks to continue growing.

Similar to this, Grammarly sends you a weekly progress report to your email. It contains the trending words you have written, how much words you learned and a lot.

It helps you elevate your self-knowledge and grammar awareness.

Distraction Free Editing Dashboard via Grammarly Premium:

You can access your Grammarly dashboard by logging in to and then you can enjoy all the perks it features.

It saves all your documents in a row, and you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. This is possible because Grammarly is a cloud-based grammar checker.

And, the gray-white UI is a distraction-free editing space where you can send your time with words.

Supports Multiple Operating Systems:

If you have drafted something using your Mac OS but want to access it from windows, you can access it using Grammarly native apps. The opposite way is also possible.

Though Grammarly editor is not correctly mobile optimized, still you can access it using the Grammarly Keyboard.

Grammarly supports all the mainstream Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Microsoft Office Integration:​

(Windows only) Of course, Microsoft has been the choice of writers, since ages but still, it continues a broad base of happy users. Most of the writers will prefer to write in MS Word over Grammarly Editor because the MS word has a lot of other features that Grammarly doesn't.

So, if you are one among the MS Word users, you can still use Grammarly within the space of MS Office. You just need a plug-in to install.

Grammarly has a Microsoft Add-in that can be directly integrated within MS Office. After installing it, you have to activate the add-in with your credentials.

But what I found was - the spinning G icon on the top-menu feels distracting to me, sometimes.

Standalone/Native Apps for Desktop (Windows and macOS):

To use Grammarly, you can download its native apps specially designed for desktops. It is available both for Windows and Mac.

Professional Proofreading Feature (Incurs Some Extra Fees):

Though Artificial Intelligence is bringing revolutions in software with their sophisticated algorithms, it does not depict a total replacement of human experience.

For this Grammarly sometimes gives you improper suggestions of words, degrades metaphors, and couldn’t assert the emotional meaning of a sentence.

For this, Grammarly offers you a dedicated human proofreader so that you can give your writings a human retouching. You should keep it in mind that this service incurs some extra fees apart from your billing system.

You can read more on this.

Pros and Cons Of Grammarly Premium


  • The level of grammar database Grammarly offers is really appreciative. Because rarely one human can process this much of grammar works single handedly.
  • When you run out of words, Grammarly word-suggestions help you make your word-choice more concise and to the point. It enables you to create your message powerfully and interactive. Though it is more than just a grammar tool.
  • If you are not a native writer like me, at some point you must have got confused between US and UK English spellings. This is what Grammarly takes care of.
  • thumbs-up
    The Plagiarism feature helps you give references and help you catch your copied content.
  • thumbs-up
    One more good thing is when you draft a document in any other applications like MS Word, and care for your page formatting, Grammarly assures not to alter any such styling when you upload your document for editing.


  • From my real experience, I have observed that Grammarly not-so-accurate differentiating between the different genre of documents. It supports all sorts of document types, but the suggestions it provides is not quite document-specific.
  • About the plagiarism checker: its crawler can work only if your page is indexed in some particular search engine result pages. Else, it won't be able to catch the sources.
  • It does not support platforms like Quora and Google Docs which is another downside for its frequent users.

Is Your Data Safe in Grammarly Premium?

I would not agree with It entirely. Not I am saying this; it is what their privacy policy shows.

You can read more about it on their terms and policies page [1]:

“Grammarly is committed to protecting the security of your information and takes reasonable precautions to protect it. However, Internet data transmissions, whether wired or wireless, cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure, and as a result, we cannot ensure the security of information you transmit to us, including Personal Information and User Content; accordingly, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.”

As per them, the major drawback is each text you type or input, the data is sent to Grammarly servers for error checks. So technically they are unable to control this transmission until the data reach their servers.

I don't believe it is an impossible thing for Grammarly to keep their user data safe.

Final Words For Grammarly Premium

My final words will be on some factual points.

Tools are becoming powerful than typical human brains due to their active memory processing structures, and we are experiencing some unimaginable improvements in them.

Even after having that, tools alone aren't productive and perfect. We still require humans to proofread our documents. Because programmes are operated by some algorithms designed by a human; but humans work entirely from their own experiences and emotions or from what they have learned in their lifetime.

That's why I would recommend everyone to double-check any document corrected by Grammar checker tools instead of blindly publishing them. Otherwise, you are risking the quality of your text.

So, decide which you found as best!

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